Doug Searcy - Hip Arthritis

Broomfield, CO

From the young age of 6 years old I was already experiencing discomfort and pain in my right hip. I still vividly remember limping home from school. When I was 8 years old it was discovered that I had Legg Perthes. I had my first two surgeries to try to repair my hip joint and ultimately to buy time until adulthood, when hip replacement procedures had progressed beyond where they currently were.

I was always very active with my hiking, backpacking, biking, swimming and running around as a kid and young adult. But I always suffered from it. I always had that pain in my right hip when I was done. This pain aggravated me my entire life.

It was a late spring in NYC and I went for a run down the Hudson River on the bike path. When I completed my 6 mile run my hip was hurting like it never before. It would usually pass after some time so I just did what I always did- nothing. When I was still having severe discomfort weeks later and really was unable to walk I decided to see the orthopedic surgeon. That’s when I met Dr. Mayman at HSS. Dr. Mayman examined my x-rays and knew the time had come for me to change my life. Of course he did not put it like that, but he knew. He gave me 3 options: do nothing and hope it goes away, a cortisone shot (he held his hands up like he was telling a fish story but in reference to a long needle) or total hip replacement. I guess I always knew it was inevitable to have this procedure done. I called Dr. Mayman’s office back a couple days later to set up that appointment.

June 15, 2012: This is the day I became bionic! OK, I am not really bionic, but I do feel like a million bucks now.

Hospital Experience and recovery:

This experience was incredible for me. They were absolutely perfect in reception of me, the pain management, and the recovery. I was up and walking within 24 hours. I was even walking up stairs. At first it was odd walking on a new hip joint, but it was all mental. It really took very little time (a few hours of walking) to trust what had happened and feel great. I spent the next 6 weeks doing my Physical Therapy and making sure that I healed correctly, doctor’s orders.

Today, just over 4 years later I am so grateful for going through this experience. This is the first time in my entire life I did not experience pain in my hip. I got back to my active lifestyle very quickly and recently just completed my first two Half Ironman events. My new hip was the best thing I have every done for myself.

Dr. Mayman was absolutely incredible. THANK YOU SO MUCH for fixing my broken hip.