Katherine W. - Hip Replacement

Rexford, NY

I am delighted to write while on my Colorado ski vacation 9 months after simultaneous bilateral hip replacements. I had thought my surgery might cause me to sit out this season. Instead, I am enjoying stronger and more reliable legs under me than I’ve had in years. The victory– made possible by HSS and Dr. Mayman–is so sweet, and the ski runs this week more gratifying than ever. Local physicians had told me I needed hip surgery, but “to live with it as long as possible.”

Thanks, Dr, Mayman, for understanding the desire to restore full range of motion and quality of life as soon as possible. The whole HSS process was made amazingly smooth and satisfying. I went from a second opinion one day to having surgery the following week! The fact that my out of town insurance was accepted and covered the entire cost was more than I ever would have believed possible. I urge patients, if they are dedicated to do regular fitness workouts after surgery, to not wait. Get yourself back into the pursuits you love sooner rather than later and you too will feel like smiling from the top of the mountain.