Marni Halasa - Hip Arthritis

New York, NY

Dear Dr. Mayman, Mr. Hui & HSS: Just an FYI, I am doing great with my recovery from a total hip replacement and am skating and even belly dancing again! Here are photos from a recent skating performance for the Specialized Children’s Hospital of New Jersey at Rockefeller Center, only after two and half months after my surgery. I couldn’t believe how great I felt and had no pain when walking, exercising, skating and even twirling — It’s great to feel like my usual self — thank you! And another huge thanks for an ironically calm and relaxed hospital and surgical experience. Every HSS professional at every step of the way was was super-pleasant, articulate, on top of their game and gave me all the attention that I needed. Bravo!

Anatomy of a Twirl on Skates: After a two and a half month recovery from a total hip replacement surgery at HSS with Dr. David Mayman, I was able to twirl on my figure skates, just like I used to, feeling the rush of adrenaline and the freedom of movement, spinning like a blue hurricane in the middle of New York City at the ice rink at Rockefeller Center

Marni Halasa