Molly McCarthy - Ankle Injury

Pittsford, NY

I came to HSS in August 2014 after having an unsuccessful surgery for Achilles and ankle pain in my hometown. I was in terrible pain, unable to walk and desperate for an answer. A dear friend who had surgery at HSS by Dr. John Kennedy said, “call Susanne Schafmeister at HSS. She’ll get you an appointment with Dr. Kennedy. He will help you.” So I made the call. Susanne asked if I could be there the next day. “Like tomorrow?,” I asked. “That’s a long 6 hour drive from Rochester, NY!” Susanne responded, “well it’s 6 hours whether you come now or a month from now.” So early the next morning, we were on the road to NYC. After a misdiagnosis, an unsuccessful surgery and no solution in sight, I had almost given up hope on getting my active lifestyle back. Enter the Kennedy Team.

Within minutes of our arrival, I was in the exam room. I was treated with such respect. After looking at my MRI and doing an examination, Dr. Kennedy identified many abnormalities . Everything made sense. His explanations were clear and I had no doubt whatsoever that he could get me moving again. Within a month, I had ankle surgery which involved removal of several cysts, repair of a loose ligament, 2 allografts, a stem cell treatment and later a PRP injection to promote healing. The Kennedy Team including Susanne, Karla, Cathy (NP), and George (pre-op) provided such amazing care and expertise.

But, as it turns out, I wasn’t quite ready to get back in the game. The stress of 2 ankle surgeries was too much for a bum knee. Elated following the success of my ankle reconstruction, I contacted Chris Egan, the amazingly talented and energetic PA for Dr. Kennedy. Chris was a godsend after my ankle reconstruction answering numerous questions and reassuring me. He recommended several knee surgeons, including Dr. David Mayman. I contacted Dr. Mayman’s office, spoke to Heather and arranged an appointment. Dr. Mayman was easy to talk to. We had a discussion on which option was better for me and I chose a partial knee replacement. He agreed. So seven months after my ankle reconstruction, I was back at HSS for a partial knee replacement. The day after surgery, my bone to bone pain was gone. Two weeks later, I needed little assistance to walk and now 8 months later, I’m back in the game, walking my dog, riding my bike, gardening, hiking, golfing and more; things I feared I would never do again.

My heartfelt gratitude goes out to Dr. Mayman, Dr. Kennedy and all the wonderful people at HSS as well Cathy Hill, my PT in Rochester. After 9 trips to NYC for surgery and follow ups, I would do it all over again. The work being done at HSS is truly groundbreaking and inspiring. Thanks to everyone for getting me back in the game!