Patient Stories

Carolyne Saltzbart

Colts Neck, NJ

Hip Replacement – While wintering in Florida this past season I developed a pain in my left leg and two weeks into the pain, I had difficulty walking. In fact, I had to use a cane to assist in walking. After seeing three physicians (an internist, an orthopedist, and a pain doctor) I was told that I had a lumbar problem and an epidural injection was prescribed. I decided it was time to see Dr. Mayman and when I called his office I was given an appointment and flew home to see him. Read more….

Martha DelPizzo

Baltimore, MD

Knee Replacement– Dr. Mayman and his team replaced both of my knees, the left in 2013 and the right in 2015. In both cases, I was back on the tennis courts three months after the operation, just as he told me I would be. As smoothly the 2013 operation and recuperation was, the 2015 process blew me away! I was up and taking steps in recovery and the recuperation was much easier and quite different. No warfarin, no ice water pump, and greater mobility earlier in the process. The device was different, as was the post-operative process. Read more….

Lois Webber

Brick, NJ

Hip Replacement – After developing a passion for running in my 40’s, I began experiencing pain in my right hip which became constant and worsened over a period of a year or so. I first dismissed the pain as the normal “aches and pains” of being an athlete and I was determined to continue to train for a half marathon. When the pain began to severely interfere with my daily activities, I decided to give in and visit my local orthopedic MD. Read more….

Diana White

Manasquan, NJ

Hip Replacement – I was in my early 40’s and had previously been a very active person. I ran races, played on tennis teams, golfed, skied, biked and went to the gym regularly. That all changed when my hip started hurting. I was in so much pain, I could barely walk at times, let alone play tennis. An MRI revealed that the joint was deteriorated, and that I had no cartilage and bone spurs. I needed a total hip replacement. Read more….