OrthAlign Joint Replacement Guidance System

What is OrthAlign?

During a total knee or hip replacement, a key challenge for many doctors is ensuring that the overall limb and all components of the implant are accurately aligned. A misaligned knee or hip replacement may lead to pain, implant failure, or other complications. At David Mayman MD, to help achieve accurate installment and precise alignment of your implant, Dr. David Mayman utilizes OrthAlign, a cutting-edge, compact, easy-to-use, navigation device that is compatible with all implant devices in total knee and hip replacement procedures.

Why is OrthAlign used?

OrthAlign technology is used to help your doctor install your implant with greater precision, allowing your doctor to accurately align your overall limb and components of your implant. OrthAlign technology is used during:

What does OrthAlign involve?

OrthAlign involves your doctor attaching the OrthAlign device to your hip or knee. The OrthAlign device, which acts like a GPS system, uses sensor technology to provide your doctor with real-time information about your unique hip or knee anatomy. The data provided by the OrthAlign system will help guide your doctor as they install your implant, ensuring precise limb alignment and alignment of all implant components.

What are the benefits of using OrthAlign?

When it comes to total knee and hip replacements, OrthAlign technology provides various benefits, including

  • Precise limb and component alignment
  • Compatibility across all implant devices
  • Placement based on your unique anatomy

If you are experiencing hip or knee pain that is interfering with your daily activities or want to learn more about OrthAlign, a consultation with an experienced orthopaedic specialist may be the first step towards helping you regain mobility, return to your normal daily activities, and get back in the game. Here, at our practice, Dr. David Mayman provides personalized treatment solutions paired with cutting-edge technology to deliver total patient care and optimal results. Call 212.774.2024 to schedule an appointment.