“Dr. Mayman Was Extraordinary in Every Way”

Dr. Mayman was extraordinary in every way in how he cared for my husband who put off getting a knee replacement for years. We met with many surgeons over a 3 year period – all good surgeons who told my husband they didn’t understand how he could walk with his “bone-on-bone” pain. Dr. Mayman gave my husband the confidence to go ahead with the surgery. And it was a great success. We can barely see the scar. My husband stuck with the PT as Dr. Mayman stressed how critical this was. Today, at 75, he walks with the same speed and assuredness as he did when he was 35. Quite amazing. And the staff at the Hospital for Special Surgery is the absolute best in every way imaginable. Thank you Dr. Mayman for turning my husband’s life around – and mine – with this smooth-going surgery.