“He’s Very Compassionate, Very Thorough and He Takes His Time With You.”

Dr. Mayman was recommended to me and I felt very comfortable with him from my first visit.  He’s very compassionate, very thorough and he takes his time with you. He answers all your questions in depth.  I just had my second knee replacement on the same knee. My first knee replacement never felt right and I questioned the first doctor for over a year.  As soon as I saw Dr. Mayman, he diagnosed the problem and fixed it this February. I feel confident that this surgery will be a success. I do have a lot of physical therapy to do, since it’s the second knee replacement on the same knee.  The recovery has been so much better than the first time.  He personally emailed me a few day’s after my surgery to make sure I was okay.  He came highly recommended and I’m glad I found him. I highly recommend Dr. Mayman.