“I Love Dr. Mayman as a Physician”

I am 49 years old and just had total hip replacement surgery with Dr. Mayman on 7/24/18. It is only 5 days post surgery but I feel amazing! I was cleared to be discharged 24 hours after surgery because my mobility was excellent. I was up and walking the same day of surgery. I was able to get rid of all prescription pain meds yesterday, 4 days post surgery and actually walked 6 blocks with a walker! PT said two days ago I am ready to transition to a cane so as of today I have. All of the nurses at HSS told me Dr. Mayman’s patients are typically in and out of the hospital quickly. I can’t believe that I have zero hip pain and only have some post surgical stiffness/soreness and bruising which is completely normal. Prior to surgery, especially when  I was off of if anti-inflammatories for 4 days before surgery, I could barely walk and was in tremendous pain. This surgery has been life changing. Aside from my fantastic results so far, I love Dr. Mayman as a physician/person. At the consultation he was very attentive and answered all of my questions. He did not rush me out of the appointment. Will post again several weeks after surgery.