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Total Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery is one of the most common and successful procedures ever performed.  Hip replacement surgery involves placing a ball and socket joint in the hip and replacing the arthritic joint.  This is reserved for patients with end stage arthritis that have not benefited from more conservative options.

Improvements in technology over the past decade have improved the function and longevity of hip replacement procedures.  Technology such as computer navigation (hyperlink to navigation) has improved the accuracy of implantation that can subsequently lead to a lower risk of complications and less wear of the implant.

Hip replacement surgery is performed as an inpatient procedure at the Hospital for Special Surgery.  Patients begin walking with the physical therapists in the hospital on the day of surgery or morning after surgery and are in the hospital for 2 – 4 days.  At the time of discharge, most patients are walking with a cane.  This cane is typically needed for 2 – 6 weeks.

After hip replacement surgery, you will be required to see Dr. Mayman for routine follow-up and imaging to ensure that your recovery is progressing in a normal fashion.  All patients with hip replacements should have x-rays performed every 2 – 5 years to ensure that the implants are not wearing excessively.

After hip replacement surgery, patients get back to almost all regular activities.  Advanced bearing surfaces have allowed us to let patients return to higher levels of activity without concern for increased wear.  Dr. Mayman can discuss specific activities in detail with you.

Total Hip Replacement (THR)


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